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Interior view of the warehouse of Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Magnets and magnet systems


Laminated bars and blocks in a case

Laminated blocks in a caseA variety of laminated bars and blocks in different sizes in a small case. The bars and blocks are supplied in pairs.

They are not magnetic but are excellent conductors of magnetic fields. Laminated bars can be machined on all faces and so be made to fit particular pieces of work.

All versions are supplied with a pole spacing of 4 mm (steel 3 mm / brass 1 mm).

Pole spacing: 4 mm (steel 3 mm / brass 1 mm)

Article no. Length Width Height Execution
mm mm mm
BM 67.400 50 80 40 with transverse pole and 90° prism
60 35 15 with transverse pole
97 50 25 with transverse pole
97 50 25 with longitudinal pole

Further dimensions on request

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