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Magnets and magnet systems

Magnetic foil
1. Magnetic foil white execution - Detailed Information
2. Magnetic foil coloured execution - Detailed Information
3. Magnetic foil natural execution, semi-anistropic und anisotropic (extra strong holding forcet )- Detailed Information
4. Magnetic rubber, anisotropic (extra strong holding force) - Detailed Information
5. Magnetic foil self-adhesive execution - Detailed Information
6. Magnetic labels and  Magnetic holder for badges - Detailed Information
Magnetic C-profile and Magnetic tape
7. Magnetic C-profile, paper labels and transparent foil - Detailed Information
8. Magnetic tape coloured execution, semi-anisotropic - Detailed Informationn
9. Magnetic tape natural execution and self-adhesive, semi-anisotropic and with special magnetization - Detailed Information
10. Magnetic tape, anisotropic (extra strong holding force) - Detailed Information
11. Magnetic tape and Metal tape, self-adhesive and Metal tape, self-adhesive with white coating - Detailed Information
Organisation magnets and Ceiling magnets
12. Organisation magnets round, flat execution - Detailed Information
13. Organisation magnets round, convex execution - Detailed Information    ONLY RESIDUAL STOCK
14. Organisation magnets rectangular, flat execution - Detailed Information        N E W
15. Organisation magnets with metal body, nickelized, with enhanced magnetic force (NdFeB) and Memostrip (Metal band) - Detailed Information
16. Ceiling magnets, round and rectangular with open hook, ceiling magnets with enhanced magnetic force (NdFeB) and flat pot magnets, round with handle, white and flat pot magnets with hook (NdFeB) - Detailed Information
Special magnets
17. Rubber coated systems
reinforced execution (NdFeB) with plastic coat, rubberized holding surface - Detailed Information
18. Magnetic pinting hooks and magnetic hook for clothing - Detailed Information
19.Plastic coated systems and Rubber coated systems -  Detailed Information
20. Tool holder, plastic execution - Detailed Information
21. Iron impregnated cardboard - Detailed Information
22. Pole sensor material - Detailed Information

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