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Interior view of the warehouse of Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Magnets and magnet systems


Magnetic foil with coloured viny coating

Quality: semi-anisotropic (enhanced magnetic force) - one-sized magnetized

Vinyl coating: matt or glossy
(coloured vinyl coating on the non-magnetic side)
Magnetic side: anti-scratching protective coating
Resistant to:  Salt water, sodium carbonate (2%), alcohol, ammonia solution (10%)
Applications: Signs, price tags, teaching aids, etc..

Article no. Thickness Width Roll length Holding force
mm mm m g/cm²
BM 705.214/.. 0,60 615 30 29
BM 705.227/.. 0,90 1000 10 45
BM 705.229/.. 0,90 615 30 45
BM 705.254/.. 1,60 1000 10 53
BM 705.255/.. 2,10 1000 2 59

Other thicknesses, widths and lengths and sheets of various sizes of BM magnetic foil, raw brown can be supplied with a coloured vinyl coating on request.

When ordering, please ass a code for the desired colour to the Article no.: 02 = yellow, 03 = blue, 04 = black, 05 = green,  06 = red
For glossy finish, please add "HG" to the Article no.

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