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Interior view of the warehouse of Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Magnets and magnet systems


Magnetic tape with matching metal tape

The need to use energy economically has createsd a large demand for double glazing systems which are simply to apply. Plastic secondary glazing can be mounted simply with the aid of magnetic tape and metal tape. This application is also ideally suited for mounting gauze insect screens in window frames. In horticulture (temporary) insulating glazing can be mounted in this way in greenhouses. Attachment is extremely simple: both the magnetic tape and the metal tape are fitted with a strongly bonding, self-adhesive UV-resistant foam layer.

The metal tape is applied to the plastic secondary glanzing or to the gauze screen, and the magnetic tape to the window frame. The window or screen can then be simply (click-fitted) into place.

Magnetic tape, self-adhesive

Article no. Thickness Width Roll length
mm mm m
BM 200.101/21 2,5 12,5 30
BM 200.103 2,5 12,5 3
BM 200.105 2,5 12,5 5
BM 200.149 2,5 19,0 30

Metal tape, self-adhesive, white coated

Article no. Thickness Width Roll length
mm mm m
BM 200.102 1,1 12,7 30
BM 200.104 1,1 12,7 3
BM 200.106 1,1 12,7 5

Other widths and lengths are available on request.

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