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Separation Systems

Industrial separation systems


Permanent magnet grids in ceramic or neodymium version

Permanent magnet grids are placed in pipeline systems, hoppers, chutes, etc., to separate ferrous particles from materials flowing past the grid.

To ensure durability against corrosion and wear and to supply good mechanical strength, all parts of the casing that come in contact with the material to be decontaminated are made from stainless steel (AISI 304). By carefully calculating the dimensions of the entire system, the resistance to the material flowing through is small and the chance of bridges forming is minimal. For better matrial flow, the magnetic grids are equipped with distance shafts.The permanent magnet grids with neodymium magnets are suitable for temperatures up to 80°C. For applications where a higher tempuratures is required, magnet grids fitted with ceramic magnets can be supplied. These can be used to temperatures up to 150°C.

The tables below gives an overview of the standard range. If required, non-standard sizes and/or specifications can be supplied on order.



Article no. C B H Open area Weight
mm mm mm cm² kg
BM 25.100/ND Ø100 40 39 0,5
BM 25.101/ND Ø150 40 92 1,5
BM 25.102/ND Ø200 40 126 3,0
BM 25.103/ND Ø250 40 210 4,0
BM 25.104/ND Ø300 40 236 5,0
BM 25.105/ND Ø350 40 409 7,0
BM 25.106/ND Ø400 40 512 8,0
BM 25.107/ND Ø450 40 550 10,0
BM 25.108/ND Ø500 40 780 13,0
BM 25.109/ND Ø550 40 948 16,0
BM 25.110/ND Ø600 40 1140 20,0
BM 25.150/ND 100 100 40 39 1,0
BM 25.151/ND 150 150 40 88 2,0
BM 25.152/ND 200 200 40 156 3,0
BM 25.153/ND 250 250 40 255 5,0
BM 25.154/ND 300 300 40 348 6,0
BM 25.155/ND 400 400 40 617 9,0
BM 25.156/ND 500 500 40 965 15,0
BM 25.157/ND 600 600 40 1382 21,0
All versions supplied as standard with distance shafts

For the version with ceramic magnets does not apply to the part number of additional ".... / ND".

Permanent magnet grids 'easy clean'

Magnet grids can be supplied in a special "easy-clean" version. These grids are equipped with an extractor. The stainless steel casing makes it possible that the magnetic grid can be easily cleaned. When the magnet is pushed out of the extractor, the tightened metal particles come off, so that the entire system can be easily cleaned or rinsed.

The "easy-clean" version is available with magnet grids in a square or rectangular shape.

Permanent magnet grids, round with Jacob flange, easy-clean type in neodymium (NdFeB) version

The new permanent magnet grids, equipped with neodymium magnet material of quality ND48H (Art. No. BM 25. 120/ND to BM 25. 124/ND) and ND40H (Art. No. BM 25. 126/ND and BM 25. 128/ND), guarantee temperature resistance up to 120 °C with improved magnetic and physical properties. With the Jacob flange provided, the grids can easily be integrated into existing pipelines or installed at the end of the product flow.

The “easy clean”-version allows easy and quick cleaning by pulling the magnet system out of the casing.

Art. No. A B c Number of
mm mm mm bars
BM 25.120/ND Ø 100 50 80 2
BM 25.121/ND Ø 150 50 120 3
BM 25.122/ND Ø 200 50 120 4
BM 25.123/ND Ø 250 50 120 5
BM 25.124/ND Ø 300 50 120 6
BM 25.126/ND Ø 400 55 2 x 120 8
BM 25.128/ND Ø 500 55 2 x 120 10

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