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Magnets and magnet systems


Hand magnet

Handle magnet

The hand magnet, equipped with a strong ferrite magnet system and an ergonomically shaped handle with plastic coating, is an ideal tool for transporting metallic objects and small iron parts. Easy handling when using metal sheets is guaranteed.

The maximum holding force under optimal conditions is up to 45 kg. (This value may be reduced in case of contamination, different conditions of surface finish and material alloy). By lateral tilting of the carrying magnet a slight detachment from the workpiece is possible.

Two black plastic cover caps are included in delivery. These should be applied to the magnetic surfaces when not in use to prevent undesirable attraction of iron parts and to prevent hand injuries.

Article no. Length Width Height holding force (max.) Weight
mm mm mm kg g
BM 50.007 135 30 90 45 450

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