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Magnets and magnet systems


Electro lifting magnets -  for lifting and transporting bulk materials

- Lifting magnets with deep radiating magnetic field
- Compact design
- Equipped with an electro magnetic dual coil system and an integrated rectifier; On / off switch, signal lamp and cord with plug
- High lifting force (not adjustable)
- Supply voltage: AC 230 volts
- Duty cycle: 45 minutes, then 15 minutes to cool off
- Painting: Hammerschlag green
- Manufactured in the European Union
-. Supplied with test certificate
- High operating safety in connection with an emergency power generating unit

- For loading and unloading containers with small parts such as nails, screws, etc. and other bulk materials.

Article no. Dim. max. Carrying capacity Lifting capacity Power Weight
Length Width Height by small parts test
mm mm mm kN/kg kN/kg Watt kg
BM 50.400/S2 250 150 115 0,15/15 4,0/400* 300 22,5
BM 50.400/S 253 253 115 0,5/50 6,0/600* 300 36,0
BM 50.401/S 404 404 150 1,0/100 17,5/1750* 600 114,0
*measured on a steel plate St37, polished, 50 mm thickness

The tested lifting force with the safety factor of 3 guaranteed a wide variety of conditions such as surface texture, material alloy and plate thickness of the workpiece account.

For persons with pacemakers due strong magnets. Distance to magnet area: At least 1 meter!
Lifting of charges with an area gravity centre of more than 1,8 m is forbidden (according toDIN EN 13155 – Point

Traverses - equipped with two or more electric lifting magnets

On Demand. We request your special request.

Emergency power generating unit

It is forbidden to reside under maintained loads. For maximum safety, we recommend the electric lifting magnets with a safety circuit for power outages equipped.

During a power failure the emergency safety switch turns on automatically and without interruption, so that the user has sufficient time to the work required. If required, can take place at the same time, an optical and / or acoustic signal.

The use of required emergency safety circuits that the electric lifting magnets are designed with a terminal voltage of 24 V DC.
Safety circuits CE compliant manufactured.

Power supply: AC 230 V, 50 Hz / 300 VA

Article no. Dimensions
Length Width Height
mm mm mm
BM 40.029 400 160 300

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