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Interior view of the warehouse of Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Separation Systems

Magnet systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries


Permanent magnet systems in housing - type  POWER-MAG

This revolutionary model has been especially designed for applications which require a combination of a low overall height, a powerful magnet system in the product flow, and a minimal risk of bridge-building. The increased distance between the magnetic units as compared to conventional grid magnets renders this system suitable for use with products which do not flow freely and/or readily adhere to or accumulate on surfaces. This system is also ideally suited to the separation of iron particles from coarser products or hygroscopic raw materials.

The magnetic units are integrated in stainless-steel sleeves, which are also referred to as extractor. The peaked upper  surface of each sleeve reduces the risk of the accumulation of product and, ultimately, bridge-forming.

The cleaning process is semi-automatic. The product flow is interrupted. After releasing the quick-action clamps the magnet system and stainless-steel sleeves are slid from the unit using the handles fitted to the sides of the intermediate panel. Once the entire magnet unit has been slid from the housing the magnetic units can be slid out of the sleeves using the handles on the front panel. The iron particles are then released by the sleeves without falling into the housing, and can be collected. The magnet system is then returned to its original position, and is once again ready for use.

semi-automatic cleaning permanent magnet
Overall height: 300 mm
Material: stainless steel grade 1.4404
Connection flanges: equipped with pre-drilled flat flanges
- The rear of the housing is equipped with an earthing clamp
- Equipped with CE label
Surface treatment: electrolytic polishing

Article no. A B C D E F Number Weight
mm mm mm mm mm mm of bars kg
BM 25.501 150 230 150 195 669 280 1 33
BM 25.502 200 280 200 245 819 330 1 43
BM 25.503 250 330 250 295 969 380 2 51
BM 25.504 300 380 300 345 1119 420 2 57
BM 25.506 400 480 400 445 1469 520 3 84
BM 25.508 500 580 500 545 1769 620 4 113

The standard magnet systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries are fitted with flat pre-drilled square connection flanges. A wide range of standard adapter pieces are available for the integration of these systems in an existing pipe. One end of these adapter pipes is fitted with
a pre-drilled square flange mating with the flange on the magnet system. The other end is fitted with a flat connection flange with a hole pattern in accordance with DIN2576.
Non-standard adapter pipes are available on request.

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