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Interior view of the warehouse of Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Separation Systems

Magnet systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries


Magnetic filter bars

- 12,000 gauss on the mantle surface for neodymium -
- 8,000 gauss on the mantle surface for samarium-cobalt -

Magnetic filter bars can be installed at every required location in systems used to transport solid or liquid product. The filter bars are comprised of an extremely powerful Neodymium magnet system in a watertight stainless-steel housing.

The operating temperature is 120 ° C for neodymium magnets and 250 ° C for samarium-cobalt magnets.

Blind threaded holes at each end of the unit simplify their installation. Units to be installed as "fingers" in the product flow are available with a tapped hole at one end. Units intended for stand-alone use can also be supplied without threaded holes.

The sophisticated magnet configuration guarantees an extremely powerful and intense magnetic field. The design is based on an optimum combination of the retentive force on the surface and a working depth which is as deep as possible.

manual cleaning - permanent magnet - waterproof
Diameter: 25 mm
Surface treatment: polished

Permanent magnetic filter bars without threaded hole

Neodymium- Samarium-Cobalt- A Weight
execution execution
Article no. Article no. mm kg
BM 19.520/ND BM 19.520/SM 90 0,15
BM 19.521/ND BM 19.521/SM 140 0,25
BM 19.522/ND BM 19.522/SM 190 0,40
BM 19.523/ND BM 19.523/SM 240 0,65
BM 19.524/ND BM 19.524/SM 290 0,90
BM 19.525/ND BM 19.525/SM 340 1,15
BM 19.526/ND BM 19.526/SM 390 1,40
BM 19.527/ND BM 19.527/SM 440 1,65
BM 19.528/ND BM 19.528/SM 490 1,90
BM 19.529/ND BM 19.529/SM 540 2,12
BM 19.530/ND BM 19.530/SM 590 2,40
BM 19.531/ND BM 19.531/SM 690 2,65
BM 19.532/ND BM 19.532/SM 790 2,90

Permanent magnetic filter bars with one threaded hole M6

Neodymium- Samarium-Cobalt- A Weight
execution execution
Article no. Article no. mm kg
BM 19.540/ND BM 19.540/SM 90 0,15
BM 19.541/ND BM 19.541/SM 140 0,25
BM 19.542/ND BM 19.542/SM 190 0,40
BM 19.543/ND BM 19.543/SM 240 0,65
BM 19.544/ND BM 19.544/SM 290 0,90
BM 19.545/ND BM 19.545/SM 340 1,15
BM 19.546/ND BM 19.546/SM 390 1,40
BM 19.547/ND BM 19.547/SM 440 1,65
BM 19.548/ND BM 19.548/SM 490 1,90
BM 19.549/ND BM 19.549/SM 540 2,12
BM 19.550/ND BM 19.550/SM 590 2,40
BM 19.551/ND BM 19.551/SM 690 2,65
BM 19.552/ND BM 19.552/SM 790 2,90

Permanent magnetic filter bars with two  threaded hole M6

Neodymium- Samarium-Cobalt- A Weight
execution execution mm kg
BM 19.560/ND BM 19.560/SM 90 0,15
BM 19.561/ND BM 19.561/SM 140 0,25
BM 19.562/ND BM 19.562/SM 190 0,40
BM 19.563/ND BM 19.563/SM 240 0,65
BM 19.564/ND BM 19.564/SM 290 0,90
BM 19.565/ND BM 19.565/SM 340 1,15
BM 19.566/ND BM 19.566/SM 390 1,40
BM 19.567/ND BM 19.567/SM 440 1,65
BM 19.568/ND BM 19.568/SM 490 1,90
BM 19.569/ND BM 19.569/SM 540 2,12
BM 19.570/ND BM 19.570/SM 590 2,40
BM 19.571/ND BM 19.571/SM 690 2,65
BM 19.572/ND BM 19.572/SM 790 2,90

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