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Interior view of the warehouse of Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Magnets and magnet systems


Magnetic vee blocks with on/off switch and Hexagonal magnetic clamp

Magnet V-block with on/off switch

Construction: The V-clam consists of two on/off switchable magnet blocks with flat and prism-shaped magnetic holding furfaces on each side for flat and round materials. Application: positioning, mounting etc.

Magnet V-block with on/off switch  Drawing Magnet V-block with on/off switch

Article no. a b c d Block dimensions
mm mm mm mm mm
BM 70.020 170 52 63 70 70 x 63 x 52
If required, the magnetic blocks can be supplied separately.

Adjustable magnetic blocks
Construction: Magnetic on two sides (prism and flat). Both magnets are on/off switchable, linked by a hinge and can be adjusted to any angle.
Application: for positioning of round and flat material

Adjustable magnetic blocks  Drawing Adjustable magnetic blocks

Article no. a b c d Holding force per magnetic block Weight
mm mm mm mm max. N kg
BM 70.016/A 65 50 55 180 800 2,2
BM 70.048/A 75 50 55 200 1000 2,4
If required, the magnetic blocks can be supplied separately.

Magnetic V-blocks
with a very strong magnetic system (Neodymium)

Construction: This blocks has 3 magnetic faces, 2 of which form a 90° “V”. It is very useful for holding unevenly shaped and cylindrical pieces. It is completely watertight and suitable for spark-erosion machines. Soft magnetization by a lever.

Parallelism: 0,01 mm / 100 mm
Angularity: 0,025 mm / 100 mm
Application: Measuring, grinding and inspection work

1 pair = 2 pieces permanent magnetic vee blocks (BM 70.012) in the box - ground to a height
= Art.-Nr. BM 70.013

 Magnetic V-blocks  Drawing magnetic V-blocks

Article no. a b c d e f g h Holding force
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
BM 70.012 70 100 95 90° 27 28 15 5 > 200

Hexagonal magnetic clamp

Construction: Three prism-shaped and flat magnetic surfaces offer a multiplicity of clamping possibilities for round and flat materials. Continuously adjustable holding power: Angles 45° an 90°,
Application: welding or assembly tools

Hexagonal magnetic clamp  Drawing hexagonal magnetic clamp

Article no. a b c d
mm mm mm mm
BM 70.017 108 108 66 140

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