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Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

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your supplier of:

magnets and magnet systems

[i]magnetic chucks (incl. product video), sine tables, circular magnetic chucks
pot magnets, button magnets, bar magnets, horseshoe magnets, welding magnets, adjustable magnetic positioner, magnetic tools, switchable magnets (incl. product video)
flat pot magnets, bar magnets, rubber coated systems
permanent lifting magnets (incl. product video), electro lifting magnets, hand magnets
sheet separators (incl. product video)
electro magnet bars, electro pot magnets, electro drill stands
block magnets, ring magnets, disc magnets, bar magnets  ​​of neodymium, ferrite, samarium cobalt and AlNiCo
magnetic foil, magnetic tape, magnetic strips, magnetic labels, magnetic c-section material, ceiling magnets, organisation magnets, special systems, tool holder, magnetic hook
dial gauge stands, magnetic bases
mechanical magnetic pole tester

industrial magnetic separating systems

plate magnets
(incl. product video), tube magnet systems (incl. product video), magnet filters, magnet grids, magnet filter bars, cascade magnet systems, overband magnet systems, drum magnet systems, head roller magnets, block magnets, metal separation systems

engraving products

steel types, euro steel types, holder, hand stamps, punches, manuel numbering heads, automatic numbering heads, hand stamps and dies

grinding wheels

Please note that we supply our products only to trade, industry and commerce. No private sale!
Beloh Magnetsysteme GmbH & Co. KG since 1983

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