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Toogle clamps - manuel and pneumatic


Toogle clamps - manuel and pneumatic


Toggle clamps are a system of sturdy, accurate and economical clamping tools which give great consideration to consumer requirements. They are used in nearly all batch production of metal, wood plastic etc. They clamp and position a work piece securely and accurately during working perations.

Toggle clamps are named according to their design and their holding force in kilograms. HV 00,
for example, means Horizontal lever - Vertical base and 300 kiloqrams holding force. Holding orce is the force which can be applied to the clamp without causing permanent deformation. All types are selt-locklng and will not spring open even when exposed to strang vibrations. All types have a rust resistant finish and come complete with plastic hand grip and spindle assembly. All types have oversized shafts running in hardened bushes. Both shafts and bushes can easily be dismantled.

The centre distance between the fixing holes in the clamps are 25 mm standard or a multiple of this. This means that all clamp underlays installed to give extra clamping arm clearance are uniform and can be mass-produced.

Horizontal clamps type H
These clamps are characterized by their low propertions. The lever and the clamping arm move in opposite directions. They all open 90 degrees and are weil suited for use with jigs and fixtures.

Type HT has arelease mechanism (Trigger) which permits easier and quicker opening of the clamp, further more this type is equipped with guides for the clarnping arms so that these move accurately in a vertical plane.

Vertical clamps type V
These clamps open 105 degrees and by removing the stop peg they can be made to open wider. They are available with horizontal, vertical, snap-on and swing-away (sw) bases.
All types have clamping arm guides to ensure that the clamping arms move accurately in a vertical plane.

The VKS clamp are cam clamps. They tolerate work piece variations of up to 10 mm and are also used for vibrating moulds in the concrete industry.

The P clamps are piston type clamps. pp (Push-pull) means that the clamp has two defined end positions. These clamps have both push and pull actions and lock in both end positions.
P (push) means that the clamp has only one defined position and therefore only pushes.
The large types can be supplied with bullt-in disk springs to accomodate the warying thicknesses of work pieces with a certain tolerance.

The C clamp are weil suited for griping covers.

The T clamps are pull clamps only and are ideal for use with moulds, for example polyurethane moulds and has the advantage of being closeable with one hand.

Snap-on clamps
The snap-on accessories require permanent fixing of the snap-on plates only. The toggle clamp slides into or out the plate recess. Different types of clamp can be used with the same plate.

Vertical pneumatic clamps
All vertical pneumatic clamps open 105 degrees. The pressurized air is double-acting and therefore requires a four way-valve. The cylinder is honed and anodized. The clamps are available in three different sizes with holding force trom 200 to 800 kilograms and are
designed for an air pressure of 6 ato.

Horizontal pneumatic clamps
When air pressure is applied the clamping arm on the top of the cylinder travels forward horizontally and moves over the work piece to be clamped.

In the foremost end positions the front part of the clamping arm and the spindie tilt downwards 4 mm clamping the work piece and by return movement the clamping arm fist goes up 4 mm and then moves back in a straight line to the rear end position, completely freeing the work piece. The cylinder is honed and anodized.

The clamps are available in four standard sizes with holding force from 100 to 800 kilograms and are designed for an air pressure of 6 ato.

Most clamps are available with various accessories such as spring compensation to accomodate variation in thickness, rubber or plastic spindie, Swing-away base etc.

For more information about types, dimensions and holding forces please contact us.
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