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Separation Systems

Industrial separation systems


Permanent magnet grids - automatically cleaned

These types of ferrous separation system can be built into practically every (existing) pipeline system because of their compact dimensions. By simply pressing a button, the ferrous articles collected from the material flow are removed from the stainless steel attracting elements of the grid. The fine-mesh grid together with the powerful magnetic field ensure a thorough separation of ferrous particles. The system is very maintenance friendly. In addition, the components most susceptible to wear can be replaced quite simply. It can be either electrically or pneumatically operated - very flexible. This makes these types ideally suited for use in automated systems.

These automatic permanent magnet grids can be supplied with either ceramic or Neodymium magnet systems.

Ceramic Neodymium Lenght Distance Weight
execution execution between bars
article no. article no. mm mm kg
BM 25.301 BM 25.301/ND 200 22 50
BM 25.302 BM 25.302/ND 400 21 76
BM 25.303 BM 25.303/ND 600 23 97
BM 25.304 BM 25.304/ND 800 20 122

Operating principles of self-cleaning magnet grid

1. The material flows passes the magnet system.
2. To remove the contamination, the material flow is stopped and the magnets withdrawn from the tubes.
3. The magnets are re-inserted in the tubes and then the tray discharges the contamination externally. The system is ready for production.

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